NOAA GOES Geostationary Satellite Server
NOAA GOES Geostationary Satellite Server

Southern Hemisphere Composite
East Pacific Visible: Himawari-9

Southern Hemisphere Composite Sector: Himawari 8 East Visible

Himawari-9 Southern Hemisphere Channels

Himawari-9 Southern Hemisphere Infrared
Infrared, Channel 2
Himawari-9 Southern Hemisphere Infrared, Channel 2

Himawari-9 Southern Hemisphere Visible
Water Vapor
Himawari-9 Southern Hemisphere Water Vapor

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Other Himawari-9 Sectors

Northwest Pacific
Himawari 8 Northwest Pacific Infrared
IR  |  IR2  |  VIS  |  WV
West Pacific
Himawari 8 West Pacific Infrared
IR  |  IR2  |  VIS  |  WV

West Central Pacific
Himawari 8 West Central Pacific Infrared
IR  |  IR2  |  VIS  |  WV

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