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Severe Storms and Special Events

Contained on this page are images pointed over different event areas. We vary the locations depending upon current weather events. Click on the image thumbnail to bring up a larger image. Click on the animation icon to bring up the looping animation of the images.


Gulf Mt Redoubt Florida East
Event 1 VIS Image VIS
Event 1 Vis Animation

Event 1 Chan 2 Image CH 2

Event 1 WV Image WV

Event 1 IR Image IR
Event 1 IR Animation

Event 2 VIS Image VIS
Event 2 VIS Animation

Event 2 Chan 2 Image CH 2

Event 2 WV Image WV

Event 2 IR Image IR
Event 2 IR Animation

Event 3 VIS Image VIS
Event 3 VIS Animation

Event 3 CHAN 2 Image CH 2

Event 3 WV Image WV

Event 3 IR Image IR
Event 3 IR Animation

Event 4 VIS Image VIS
Event 4 VIS Animation

Event 4 Chan 2 Image CH 2

Event 4 WV Image WV

Event 4 IR Image IR
Event 4 IR Animation

Event 5 VIS Image VIS
Event 5 VIS Animation

Event 5 Chan 2 Image CH 2

Event 5 WV Image WV

Event 5 IR Image IR
Event 5 IR Animation

Event 6 VIS Image VIS
Event 6 VIS Animation

Event 6 Chan 2 Image CH 2

Event 6 WV Image WV

Event 6 IR Image IR
Event 6 Animation

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